Ketron Modules

​Today's musician is expected to perform accross musical styles. With the Ketron line of modules and keyboards, this is not only possible, but just a button away. All keyboards and modules include free shipping in the continental US. Optional lifetime technical support is also available. Call for current pricing and availability (260) 483-6071

NEW Event-X

EVENT-X is designed to provide easy access to the most sophisticated style architecture functionalities ever developed on an arranger keyboard. Over 400 Styles are available: divided into Real Styles, Live Styles or MIDI Styles according to the contents, with the possibility of saving any customized configuration on the User memory. The Real Styles, with their impressive authenticity, stand out because some of the backing tracks are in full audio format. It features a rich manual Lower section, with three independent parts and Mono / Poly modes. You can also find an advanced Style Edit area to program your new styles.

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NEW Ketron Lounge

With a professional multimedia Player, a superb Drum Machine, full Orchestral Voices and Basses, Microphone inputs and Stem player, the LOUNGE is a compact all-in-one instrument for a perfect live performance.


Ketron SD-90

Ketron’s latest module is called the SD-90. This module has the latest sounds with a 7” color Touch screen display, 670 GM sounds, 368 preset Voices and 300 Styles to choose from. This unit features the best quality arranger with real Audio drums, bass and guitar voices recorded direct from live musicians onto the drive.


Ketron SD-40

The SD40 is a new, powerful Arranger and Player module especially designed for applications with Master keyboards, Digital Pianos and MIDI Accordions. As expander version of the acclaimed KETRON SD7, the SD40 provides the same musical and technical functionalities of the keyboard, offering a new professional sound generation with a huge Audio Drum library, Styles on the best KETRON tradition with Style Modeling, an extra-versatile Player and modern Multimedia capabilities. Thanks to his extremely compact sizes, ther SD40 is also the most suitable arranger instrument for the professional musicians travelling around the world.


Keyboard and Module Accessories

Take control of your instrument. Call for current pricing and availability (260) 483-6071

Ketron FS Series Footswitches

Available with 6 or 13 switches for your Ketron X, XD, SD or Audya module/keyboard.

Ketron K8 Midi Pedal Board 

Standard 13 note MIDI board supplied with AC adapter. 

Ketron Expression Pedal 

(9PE006) Volume/expression pedal for MS, X, XD, SD or Audya module/keyboard.