Ketron Keyboards

​Today's musician is expected to perform accross musical styles. With the Ketron line of modules and keyboards, this is not only possible, but just a button away. All keyboards and modules include free shipping in the continental US. Optional lifetime technical support is also available. Call for current pricing and availability (260) 483-6071

Ketron SD-60

The Ketron SD-60 is a Keyboard with a 61 Semi-weighted keys with Dynamic Control (4 curves) and aftertouch, 7" Touch Display, Launchpad - up to 2048 projects, 12 Pads with 6 Arranger section with 400 styles, Audio Drums, More than 530 grooves, Live guitar, 150 Audio live guitar templates, Style modelling, 672 Sounds, 61 Drum sets, Song-Drum restyle, 4 Blocks with 1024 Registration memory.


Ketron SD-9

EVOLUTION KETRON keyboards have always been recognized for their sound quality and the special touch of their arrangements/styles. Following this tradition, KETRON introduce once again a new instrument with unique musical character, new technology, new functions and new state-of-the-art sounds. Fully compatible with its predecessor SD7, now more than ever the SD9 is the right choice for the professional live entertainers, the home studio producers as well as the hobbyist.


Ketron SD-7

The KETRON SD7 keyboard is the product of a long, passionate development process and in-depth musical research. Finally, both worlds of a professional class arranger and performance keyboard have been merged like never before into one incredible machine. Whether you want to play music with friends as a DJ, do karaoke style, simply play something creative and inspiring or write your own music - the SD7 will assist you in all scenarios with its comprehensive, innovative features and professional sound.


Ketron SD-5

The SD5 from Ketron is a professional 61-key arranger workstation designed to bring you great results in live and studio applications. The heart of the system is the high-quality Ketron sound engine, which provides hundreds of realistic orchestral sounds from piano to brass, woodwinds, strings, and more. The intuitive interface includes a large backlit display, a pitch/modulation joystick, and a variety of buttons so you can quickly access the features you need. The SD5 offers excellent arranger functions for automatic accompaniment.


Ketron Audya 5 - 61 Key Advanced Music Station

The new KETRON state-of-the-art AUDYA represents the next generation of contemporary Entertainment keyboards, featuring a top-quality sound engine, a powerful Audio Multiplayer, revolutionary and unique solutions in the Auto Accompaniment industry, and the capability to interact with the outside world through multiple multimedia capability. KETRON has once more raised the Arranger keyboard bar up to a long awaited hi-professional level, offering musicians the total freedom to play and control Audio files within the Arranger and Midifiles.​



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Keyboard and Module Accessories

Take control of your instrument. Call Jay for pricing information: (260) 483-6071

Ketron FS Series Footswitches

Available with 6 or 13 switches for your Ketron X, XD, SD or Audya module/keyboard.

Ketron K8 Midi Pedal Board 

Standard 13 note MIDI board supplied with AC adapter. 

Ketron Expression Pedal 

(9PE006) Volume/expression pedal for MS, X, XD, SD or Audya module/keyboard.